New Phone, Who Dis?

New Phone, Who Dis?

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We’ve all been there - you change your number and “forget” to tell your contacts so when they text you you’re left wondering; “who dis?”

Well, thanks to the creators of What Do You Meme?, that classic awkward moment has been turned into a fun card game to play with your friends and family! You decide if you want to play the classic way, or your own way.

How To Play:

Someone will be a “judge” and everyone else draws 7 reply cards. The judge will read out an inbox card and players choose the funniest response from their reply cards. The judge will choose whose response they like the best and that person wins that inbox card. The player with the most inbox cards wins!


  • 240 inbox cards
  • 300 reply cards
  • Instructions


  • 17+
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