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Willow Tree - Guardian Angel

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Discover the serene beauty and comforting presence of the Willow Tree “Guardian Angel" figurine, a meticulously crafted piece by renowned artist Susan Lordi.

Standing at 5 inches tall, this guardian angel figurine showcases an angel with hands gently clasped together in a peaceful gesture, symbolizing contentment and protection. Each Willow Tree “Guardian Angel” is a testament to the artist's skill, capturing the essence of remembrance and the invisible bonds we share. Ideal for in-store purchase or as a thoughtful online gift, this Willow Tree angel serves as a profound reminder that you're never alone, embodying the spirit of guardian angels in its elegant form and soothing presence.

With its technical details finely executed, this “Guardian Angel” from the Willow Tree collection makes for a perfect addition to any home, offering a tangible symbol of love and protection.

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